March 7, 2018
March 7, 2018

Christ Embassy

Christ Embassy is a global ministry, consisting of a worldwide network of churches. The main goal of the ministry is to bring the Divine Presence to each nation and person of the world, through the knowledge of the divine life. Made available in Christ Jesus. The founder of the Embassy is one of the most popular religious figures in Africa – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who along with the other members engage in various activities for the many believers around the world, bringing believers together and passing on the knowledge of the Divine.

Muller & Green is the PR company behind the promotion, media relations and press release/article preparation and distribution, covering the Embassy’s various events, campaigns, and news. Muller & Green has established strong communication ties with local news media outlets and partner PR companies, working together to secure the exposure of the client and inform/engage readers not locally but internationally as well.