Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors flag slow sales recovery in 2018
January 2, 2018
Ryanair applies for UK license to shore up routes before Brexit
January 2, 2018


“Decentralized, peer-to-peer Digital Money”

DECOIN is one of the recently launched cryptocurrencies, introducing a series of innovative advantages to its holders. Decoin is a decentralized, widely-accessible cryptocurrency, focusing on profit-sharing exchange and customer-care. Decoin’s features include worldwide accessibility to everyday people and a loyalty reward of a guaranteed 6.2% average annual increase for all the coin holders that will stake their Decoins in the platform’s wallet. Moreover, what differentiates Decon from the other cryptocurrencies on the market, DeCoin is utilizing a Proof of Stake (POS) consensus algorithm, ensuring that clients would enjoy improved security, energy savings and will not have to dedicate expensive hardware.


Muller & Green was responsible for the promotional activities of DeCoin in the pre-launch and actual launch stage by coming up with various strategies to reach influential media figures and representatives to guarantee the worldwide coverage of the news. Moreover, Muller & Green was in charge of any media kits and press releases that were distributed to journalists and news outlets for publishing. Our PR company also planned and prepared various other promotional tactics for the client, including online press conferences, journalist collaboration programs, social media activities and more.