Media Collaborators

We are delighted to welcome media representatives from all over the USA to join forces with the team of PRBrics and our newly registered BETA tester clients.

Our team believes that following the story of PRBRics’ BETA launch holds mutually-beneficial advantages to both you as a journalist and to us as a newly-emerging power on the market. We give you the unique opportunity to become an integral part of PRBrics’ innovative campaign promotion process by following every step of the story. By doing so, you can present to your readers an objective and detailed review of our PR services.

The following is a list of requirements we have if you wish to become part of our media collaboration team. Please read them carefully and don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at in case you have any questions, or you are in need of some additional clarification.

  • PRBrics will provide access to various information about our BETA clients, including business name, industry, social media channels, etc.
  • PRBrics will also give you the contact information of the client, which gives you the opportunity to talk to them, interview them and ask for any feedback at any time during the campaign.
  • PRBrics will provide access to real-time analytics and reports which will objectively portray the progress of the campaign and how the clients improved (or didn’t) their online presence and engagement.
  • PRBrics is demanding a full embargo, meaning that the information could be published after the end of the BETA campaign
  • Our media collaborators will become the first ones to break the story to the marketing world.