• We firmly state that nothing can replace or bring better results than a multi-stage tailored PR strategy.
  • Sometimes, however, all you need is just a small push at the right moment. That’s when our “burst packages” come in. Each “burst package” contains a pre-made campaign with a set of PR activities we can offer you.
  • Start now with the package that best suits you! You can always scale it later!
Determine the goal of your campaign
Select a suitable PR plan for your business
Preparation of promotional and news materials
Monitor engagements and publications
Measure results

Add Muller & Green’s social media monitoring service for just 50$ per month.

Request more add-on services from Muller&Green:

  • Premium PR distribution to a high-quality 3rd party publication partner.
  • Writing and Editing services for your original press releases.
  • Social media blast on 1) Instagram; 2) LinkedIn; 3) Pinterest

Add GOULASH – Muller & Green’s social media monitoring service for just 50$ per month.

  • With Muller & Green's innovative social media monitoring service, Goulash, you can see what everyone talks about your business on all major social media platforms. By using relevant keywords, you can immediately spot a negative or a positive review, left by customers, regarding your offerings.
  • With Goulash you can also manage your social media channels by scheduling and publishing posts in an instant.

How to reach us?
Send us an e-mail through our contact form ( https://mullerandgreen.com/contact/ ) with your PR and preferred package we will get back to you shortly.